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Larry & Dawn Quicksall

Larry & Dawn Quicksall

My name is Larry Quicksall, and I would love to tell you a little bit about Crossroads Innovative Trainings.  My wife, Dawn, and I began creating CIT in the summer of 2013 out of a passion to teach others in a way that is meaningful, practical, and fun.

I have worked in the mental health / human services field since 1987 and have attended countless workshops and trainings for skills development and continuing education units.  Many of these workshops were great with practical information and dynamic presenters!  Then there were the others…dry, boring, and impractical.  I would find myself doodling about what I would rather be doing, or making an outline of how I would teach on the topic to make it better.

Likewise, Dawn has found herself in similar situations.  Her area of focus is in the Girl Scout movement, and frankly I think she has been very successful overseeing the troops in our county, running successful day camps for many years, and having a fun and exciting Girl Scout troop with approximately 80 girls in it!  Over the years she has attended required trainings that didn’t come even close to matching the workshop description, which lead her to create her own trainings to help others make the most of their Girl Scouting opportunities.


At Crossroads Innovative Trainings, our goal is to provide high quality, dynamic, multi-media seminars and conferences that meet your needs and gives you practical insight and tools that will allow you to take your practice to the next level.  Initially, I will be the lead presenter where my personal goal is to present on my passions in such a way as to catch you on fire!  I will also be adding other presenters who have a similar or greater passion on their favorite topics.

Our company’s name is Crossroads Innovative Trainings for a reason.  Each of us find ourselves at a crossroads at various points in our careers: do we stay where we are or do we boldly move forward?  If you are ready to move forward, then Crossroads is for you.  Innovation is not just a buzz word for me, but is a way of thinking “How can I get this point across in a better way?”, whether I’m in a therapy session, coaching a colleague, or presenting a seminar.  Innovation is about learning better!  Trainings is not just education, it is learning something new that you can use right away and improve upon over time.  That is why we are Crossroads Innovative Trainings.

If you have questions or comments, please contact me directly at Larry@CITrainings.com.


Larry Quicksall, LCSW